Séminaire EMMA mardi 29 janvier 2019

Mardi 29 janvier à 18h en salle 126, STC1.

Multidimensional interpretation of rising and falling tunes for requests and offers

Elisa Sneed German (MCF, EMMA) présentera ses travaux.

A growing body of evidence reveals that tune meaning is multidimensional and flexible, with the choice of a tune depending both on linguistic and metalinguistic purposes. This study explores how perlocutionary meaning is influenced by tune for requests and offers. Two female speakers of American English produced 96 request-offer pairs in the form of polar questions with both rising and falling tunes. Using an online survey system, participants’ ratings of speaker mood, authority and sincerity were elicited. Falling tunes had effects on speaker sincerity and authority that interacted with the illocutionary force of the utterance. The use of larger pitch movements also affected judgments of speaker authority. Hence, different intonational tunes are assessed along with their metalinguistic and social dimensions, with individual differences in tune implementation also modulating listeners’ judgments.
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