Atelier exploratoire "Modernism and Matter"

13 - 14 octobre 2022 Auditorium, Saint-Charles 2

This workshop on modernism and matter is an incentive to interrogate the meaning of matter, and investigate its power in modernist literature. Our assumption is that modernist writings can help us answer the call for ‘more complex understandings of materiality’ (Alaimo). A hundred years after the so-called annus mirabilis of modernist literature, such a reappraisal of modernism should be appropriate. Over the last few years, revaluations of modernism or modernisms have been many, from Stephen Ross and Allana Lindgren’s The Modernist World (2017) and Douglas Mao’s New Modernist Studies (2021) to Jean-Michel Rabaté and Angeliki Spiropoulou’s recent anthology Historical Modernisms: Time, History and Modernist Aesthetics (2022). The focus has gradually shifted from canonical writers such as James Joyce, T.S. Eliot or Virginia Woolf to relatively neglected figures like Dorothy Richardson or Rebecca West and to lesser-known writers usually not labelled as modernists, as in Lynne Hapgood’s and Nancy L. Paxton’s Outside Modernism (2000)... 



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