Présentation du projet "Women Translators of Religious Texts" Adriana Serban et Rim Hassen

Le Mardi, 9. mars 2021 -
17:45 - 19:45
Salle 126 site Saint-Charles

Women Translators of Religious Texts

We would like to present our joint project on women translators of sacred and other religious writings and, in particular, a collective volume we are currently working on which is, to our knowledge, the first publication entirely dedicated to women translators of religious texts, a topic at the intersection of several disciplinary fields. It was our aim to bring together translators of religious writings and scholars from various disciplines, working on women translators from different religious traditions and periods.

Rim Hassen studied for an MA and a PhD in Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies on women’s translations of the Quran at the University of Warwick, UK. She then worked as a Research Associate at the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme, University of Cambridge, translating, editing and compiling a database of religious texts for an online project. Currently, she is a Bilingual Education Officer at Durham City Council. Her main interests include women’s translations of religious texts, gender and translation, and translations of Arab women’s novels into English, French and German.

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